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The following articles, blogs and papers discuss the mental health challenges for geoscientists and related disciplines.

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Articles and Peer-Reviewed Papers

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Triguero-Mas, M., Donaire-Gonzalez, D., Seto, E., Valentín, A., Martínez, D., Smith, G., Hurst, G., Carrasco-Turigas, G., Masterson, D., van den Berg, M. and Ambròs, A., 2017. Natural outdoor environments and mental health: Stress as a possible mechanism. Environmental research159, pp.629-638.

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Web Sites, Podcasts and Blogs

Supporting mental health in the field, from the Geological Society:

Mental health in the geoscienbces

Sexuality and gender in geosciences (Standford University):

Mental health on college campuses and scientific institutions (web article): 

NHS Site on mental health and meditation:

Podcast ‘Feel Better, live More’ by Dr Chatterjee:

Podcast ‘How to Fail with Elizabeth Day’

Useful Mental Health Contacts and Organisations



Mermaids helpline supporting transgender and gender diverse young people: 0808 801 0400


Muslim Youth Helpline: 0808 808 2008 (7 days a week 4-10pm)

Samaritans: call free on 116 123,

Shout: text 85258 (available 24/7),

Student Minds: