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Diversity in Geoscience UK was set up in 2018 as the UK chapter of the International Association for Geoscience Diversity. Our launch event was held in January 2019 at the University of Leeds, and resources from this event are made available below.

Past Events

Launch of DiG-UK on the website for the International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD):

Details of the DiG-UK launch at a Joint meeting between DiG-UK and the Geological Society’s Higher Education Network, University of Leeds, January 2019:

Resources from the DiG-UK Launch Meeting

Investigating Diversity in Palaeontology 
Fiona Gill, Palaeontological Association and University of Leeds 

Introducing the IncSTEM Project – Aspects of Inclusive Practice to Address Barriers in HE
Dan Morgan (University of Leeds) 

Outcomes from the IncSTEM Project
Alison Stokes et al. 

“Access Anglesey”: Delivering and Evaluating an Accessible and Inclusive Field Class 
Jacqueline Houghton et al (University of Leeds) 

The Rocky Road to Diversity in HE, a Mother’s Perspective 
Janet and Ellis Dunford 

Mental Wellbeing during Fieldwork – A Potential Barrier to Broader Diversity in Geosciences and Related Disciplines 
Cedric John (Imperial College) 

Improving Communications and Group Work in Engineering Design Projects 
Piroska Lorinczi (University of Leeds) 

Team Education Strategies as Inclusive Exercises for GEES Students 
Brian Whalley (University of Sheffield) 

Development of Geography and Geology Terminology in British Sign Language 
Rhian Meara et al (University of Swansea)  

Introducing Fieldwork through Interactive Live Broadcasts 
Trevor Collins et al (Open University) 

“Diversity Dash!” 
Theresa Nicholson (Manchester Metropolitan University) 

“I can hear chalk” – What I wish Academic Staff Knew about Autism and Other Neuro-Diverse Conditions 
Zach Killingback (Durham University)