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This page focuses on aspects of disability and accessibility for geoscientists and related disciplines. Note that there are a number of relevant resources on the Fieldwork in Geoscience page addressing aspects of inclusion and accessibility for disabled people in field settings.

From Frankie Butler (with permission) via Twitter:

Geology is not thought of as an accessible science. Owing to the history of expeditionary geology field trips of times gone by. However, there are many geoscientists of history that lived with disabilities and have contributed hugely to their fields.

Maria Graham: 1795-1842
Ruptured blood vessel causing a physical disability. She continued to write, making significant contribution to
the observation of earthquakes in Chile. Her observations contributed to yells Vulcanist theory, that earthquakes can cause elevation of landmass.

Charlotte Murchison: 1788-1869
Malaria fever caused lifelong chronic health problems. Fossil and field work specialist. It is widely accepted that without her field work her husband, Roderick Murchison, would not have published with the Geological society. She also went fossil hunting with Mary Anning.

Gertrude Elles: 1972-1960
Progressively became more deaf throughout her life. Fist woman to be awarded readership position at Cambridge in 1924. 
International recognition for graptolites and their distribution throughout the Ordovician and Silurian.

Geerat Vermeij: Present
Blind evolutionary biologist and paleoecologist. Using sense of touch to analyse shells and studies the “arms race" of these fossils. Analyses fossils for evidence of interspecies competition.

Lee Sang-mook: Present
Marine geologist, geophysicist and oceanographer at Seoul National University. After a car accident Lee became quadriplegic and is
Known as the "Korean Stephen Hawking” for his disability and contributions to science. He is a strong advocate for young people with physical disabilities, helping shift the views of Korean culture. @sang_mook

Dr Anita Marshall: Present
Volcanologist, specialising in phreatomagmatic eruptions. Severe accident led to use of a wheelchair, nerve damage and having to relearn to walk. Advocate for students with disability , promoting inclusion in field work with GEOSPACE programme. @bakingsodavolc.