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This section provides resources relating to the representation and participation of women, LGBTQIA+, trans, and non-binary people in the geosciences, which historically, has been low. As with many physical sciences, there are social norms and cultural features of our disciplines, teaching practices, workplaces, systems that exclude and discriminate against women, trans, and non-binary people. Though there have been many advances in equal opportunity there is much room for improvement. The following is a collection of resources that DiG-UK has located to help understand the challenges we face with gender and the geosciences. Note that this list is not comprehensive, and there is a focus on academia in the literature and a paucity of resources from industry. There are also very few resources for trans and non-binary people, and we would welcome suggestions in these area, please contact us via one of our social media links to contribute or suggest useful resources.

Articles – Blogs – Videos – Peer-reviewed papers


The Challenges of Fieldwork for LGBTQ+ Geoscientists. Olcott, A.N. and Downen, M.R. (2020)

Many women scientists sexually harassed during fieldwork A. Simmons, 2014

Girls into Geoscience S. Boulton and J. Fisher, 2017

Gender imbalance in US geoscience academia

Where are the women geoscientist professors?

Many women scientists sexually harassed during fieldwork

Data illuminate a mountain of molehills facing women scientists

A conversation on building safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community in the geosciences

Blogs and Web Sites

Sara Beroff  Women’s Bodies and Field Geoscience: Thoughts of a Zaftig Geologist

Ingrid Carolina Ramón Parra Women in the Field: Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts about Gender and Field Research (includes lots of useful reading material at the end)

Q and A: What does it mean to be a woman in the geosciences?

Higher Education Statistics Agency (UK): Database with current higher education student populations from which you can explore year, institution, nation, gender, race, and other demographic factors

Girls into Geoscience

An academic mother’s wish list: 12 things universities need


ABOVE: Dr Jodie Fisher (co-founder) speaks about Girls in Geoscience
ABOVE: Is gender diversity in geoscience really a problem? Panel discussion

Papers and Books

Please note that some of these items may sit behind an institutional paywall.

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