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Meet Our Committee Members!

Alison Stokes

Organisation: University of Plymouth

DiG-UK role: Co-Lead and Trustee

Why am I part of DiG-UK? I’ve been involved with the IAGD since it’s very early stages, and recognised a need for something similar in the UK. DiG-UK operates under the same values as the IAGD, while taking into account the specific needs and resources of the UK. Ultimately, it’s about recognising the benefits that diversity brings, and enabling people to achieve their potential.

Jacqueline Houghton

Organisation: University of Leeds

DiG-UK role: Co-Lead and Trustee

Why am I part of DiG-UK? I saw what the IAGD was doing in terms of raising the profile of disability in the geosciences in the US, particularly with regards to fieldwork, and felt we should be doing the same in the UK. 

Cedric John

Organisation: Imperial College London

DiG-UK role: Mental Health Advocate 

Why am I part of DiG-UK? I am passionate about mental health, and in particular how fieldwork impacts your mental well being. Having conducted both research and teaching at sea and in remote field locations, I know that the experience can be both positive (growth) or negative (anxiety, loneliness, discomfort) to participants. Academia is also an interesting industry when mental health is concern, given the high pressure nature of the environment. For this reason, I became the mental health champion for my department and a 75mental health advocate in geosciences.

Alexander Walton-Keeffe

Organisation: University College London (UCL)

DiG-UK role: Student Representative 

Why am I part of DiG-UK? To report on matters of disability inclusion in UCL’s Earth Sciences department, as a student voice is needed. Owing to ongoing personal experience, I wish to see the department have a larger framework for disabled students.

George Jameson

Organisation: Geological Society of London

DiG-UK role: Geological Society Representative 

Why am I part of DiG-UK? The Earth science community and landscape is unique in its variety and intrigue. However, we all recognise that there are many improvements we as a community can make to achieve a more diverse and welcoming place for everyone. Being part of DiG-UK is an exciting and timely opportunity to see us achieve our ambitions. 

Theresa Nicholson

Organisation: Manchester Metropolitan University

DiG-UK role: Web Design and Social Media

Why am I part of DiG-UK? As an educator, I have a passion for providing an inclusive Higher Education experience that celebrates diversity and enables all learners to reach their potential. As a physical geographer, I want every individual to have an equal opportunity to learn about, and be inspired by, this incredibly amazing Earth..

Hollie Fisher

Organisation: Atkins

DiG-UK role: Treasurer / Industry Representative

Why am I part of DiG-UK? I am passionate about getting under represented groups in to Geoscience and ultimately in to industry, where we are currently experiencing a decline in UK geoscience professionals. I believe that there is a career in geoscience waiting for everyone, no matter what their background or abilities are.  

Marcus Badger

Organisation: The Open University

DiG-UK role: Committee Member

Why am I part of DiG-UK? I want geosciences to be as diverse as the Earth we study. As an environmental scientist I love studying the environment and helping others to learn, to get out in the field and follow their passions for working in the Earth and environmental sciences. I believe this should be available and accessible to all and that DiG-UK can help make the geosciences more inclusive.

Jackie Dohaney

Organisation: University of Edinburgh

DiGUK role: Committee Member

Why am I a part of the DiG-UK? I am passionate about designing and evaluating inclusive and engaging learning experiences for all students in higher education within STEM and across the disciplines.

Martin Griffin

Organisation: Knight Piésold Consulting

DiGUK role: Committee Member

Why am I a part of the DiG-UK? I want to be proactively involved in order to empower everyone with or without underlying conditions to feel they belong and can thrive in the geoscience workplace and society.

Zach Killingback


DiGUK role: Postgraduate Student Representative